The Napa Valley Wine Train so we know this technically isn’t a winery but we wanted to highlight it anyways since it’s such an amazing way to experience it now it may seem a little pricey at first glance but when you actually add everything up in terms of transportation food and wine tasting it’s one of the best deals in the valley so we’re gonna provide a link in the description of this video that goes into more detail about their tours and it’s also gonna show you how you can get an amazing price on these tickets so if you’re interested we really suggest you check it out either way the Napa Valley Wine Train should definitely be on your top list of things to do I mean come on it’s really hard to beat the sensation of sipping incredible line and go lining across the valley so we’re gonna leave it at that very short and sweet if you have any questions just make sure you give us a call. 707-363-7373!


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